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SoftBums Omni Shell


Note: Pods are sold separately.  You can choose from the all-natural bamboo pods or dry touch pods.    


This diaper is a true one-size diaper and can serve as a pocket, an all-in-two, or as a cover.  Its patent-pending SlideSize system allows you to adjust the legs for a great fit ranging from 4"-14".  No red marks, ever!  The industrial strength velcro will stay strong over time.  To use the diaper as an all-in-two, snap the pod onto the shell to avoid shifting.  Replace the pod with the next diaper change and reuse the shell (change the shell if the diaper is soiled).  You can also stuff the pod into the generous pocket opening to use the diaper as a pocket diaper.  

You can choose the pods that make the most sense for you.    

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