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Rockin' Green Detergent


Cloth diaper laundry can be really simple if you find the right detergent.  Rockin' Green has created 3 formulas of detergent specifically for cloth diapers and they come in yummy scents (please don't eat the detergent, as delicious as they smell).  If you're not sure which detergent is right for you, consider purchasing a water quality test strip first.  Each bag of detergent will last you between 45 loads (for traditional top loaders) and 90 loads (for high efficiency washers).  Keep in mind that you can use Rockin' Green on your regular laundry too.    
Soft Rock- This formula is designed for those with soft water, and was designed to be super clean rinsing and is also recommended for those with really sensitive skin. Soft rock only comes in unscented. 
Classic Rock- This formula is designed for those with moderate hard water, and those that are dealing with stink or repelling issues.  This formula comes in a variety of natural scents, and unscented. 
Hard Rock- This formula was created for those with hard water, and targets the problems that this type of water can create. 
All Rockin’ Green products are scented with 100% natural scent blends, that are both skin and fabric safe. 

  • Smashing Watermelons- this juicy watermelon blend is like a kick to your senses..Best Seller!
  • Rage against the Raspberry- this raspberry and honey blend will have you running around the laundry room looking for the mosh pit! Best Seller!
  • Mötley Cleän- there's clean and then there's MötleyCleän. This fresh blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen, and sunshine. 
Origin: Made in USA
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