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RLR Laundry Treatment



So if you've been cloth diapering long enough, you have heard about stripping.  During regular washing, mineral deposits in the water, dirt and soil sediments, and residual matter from detergent can accumulate.  While you might not notice this build up in your clothes except for the fact that the colors aren't as bright, this build up can cause your diapers to smell or repel water. That's when you need to start stripping.

RLR laundry treatment is one of the best ways to strip your diapers.  It works to get detergent and mineral build up out of your diapers to result in a cleaner and better smelling diaper.  RLR Laundry Treatment contains no phosphates, is bio-degradable and non-polluting.   


Use RLR when you notice buildup in your diapers. The manufacturer recommends that you add one package to your washing machine and wash as usual with detergent.  But from our experience, we find that it's most effective if we wash our diapers first, then add the RLR treatment and let the diapers soak for at least an hour.  Finally, wash and rinse until their are no suds.    

Origin: Made in USA

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