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Peachy Green Solo Luxe All-in-One



This is the trimmest cloth diaper that we've ever come across and it's still very absorbent.  If you have a very heavy wetter, try adding a hemp doubler to boost absorbency.


The snap-in soaker is a blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton fleece, a great fabric because it absorbs a lot, fast. Plus, it is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified free of any known harmful substances - the strictest standard for infant products.  Easy to snap on and off, no folding, no stuffing!


The side snaps make for a smooth belly and the gentle elastic works for chubby or lean thighs.  Plus, the ability to adjust the waist and legs separately helps you to get a good fit on your little bean.  


Prep: Wash and dry once. (These are okay to wash with any other type of diaper, including pocket diapers.)  Its okay to use after the first washing, but absorbency will continue to increase over the first 6-8 washings and beyond.

Washing: Soaker stays attached through the wash. (It can snap out if extra cleaning or sunning is needed). Remove and flush solid waste. Store in dry pail. Prewash cold. Wash warm or hot. Machine dry low heat or line dry. 


Size Weight Rise
0 7-16 15"
1 12-28 17.5"
2 24-35 19"

Origin: Made in USA
Materials: polyester coated with polyurethane, bamboo viscose/organic cotton fleece blend
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