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Applecheeks Envelope Cover


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Applecheeks's newest limited edition prints, Parade and Irrelephant, were just released.  Be sure to check out the matching storage sacs. 

Note: Inserts and boosters are sold separately.  


This is the ultimate cloth diapering solution.  You can stuff the envelope cover with an insert and use it as a pocket diaper or you can lay an insert on top and use it as an all-in-two.  Choose the ideal combination of inserts and boosters for your baby here.  The super soft microfleece inner lining will wick moisture away from your bean's bum and the waterproof outer layer keeps in leaks!  This diaper comes in two sizes so that you can get the best fit for your little bean.  


How to use: With this system, you can use the envelope cover as a pocket diaper or as an all-in-two reusable shell.  If you're using it as a pocket diaper, be sure to change the whole diaper with every diaper change.  If you're using it as an all-in-two, you can reuse the shell as long as it isn't soiled (just replace the insert with a fresh one).  

Watch this video for detailed instructions

Materials: Micro-fleece inner lining, PUL outer lining


Care: Empty all solids into toilet, run a cold pre-rinse cycle.  Add a small amount of detergent (no more than 1/4 cup for top loader) then run a full wash cycle with hot water.  Detergent should be residue-free, scent-free, softener-free and glycerin-free.  Rinse at least one more time to remove any excess detergent and line dry whenever possible or machine dry on low setting.


Origin: Made in Canada



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